About Us

About our Nile Import & Export

The Nile Company in Palestine and Egypt is considered one of the best air, sea and land freight companies.
And also shipping goods, furnishings and personal freight because of its long experience and the opinions of its customers.

Nile Company ships all kinds of commercial and personal goods,
From the Nile Company, Egypt, Turkey and Africa to all countries of the world, with the possibility of ensuring receipt of goods and personal effects, in addition to the partial shipping service.

Why is Nile Company considered one of the best shipping companies in Palestine and Egypt?
Of course and with full confidence because it is the best in dealing with its customers and security in delivering their goods to all Arab Gulf countries, European countries and all countries of the world as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible costs in addition to adhering to the specified dates, and with the maximum possible guarantees, and you will also enjoy the lowest shipping rates.

  • Reservation of transport vehicles through the Al-Auja land crossing
  • Book sea transport containers across all official ports
  • Customs clearance and issuance of all papers and certificates
  • Logistics and general commercial services
  • A special section for shopping and foreign purchases from the Egyptian markets

Do not hesitate to deal with the Nile Company if you care about your goods, as it is one of the best shipping companies in Palestine and Egypt. Take the initiative and call.