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About Us

Who is Nile Corporation?

Nile, as one of the shipping companies in Palestine and Egypt, is characterized by maximum speed, reliability and safety in transporting your shipments from Egypt, Turkey and Africa to all parts of the world, which made it one of the most important shipping companies in Egypt, Turkey and Africa that provides land, sea, air, partial and safe freight services as well. One of the companies that provides international shipping service in addition to logistics services all over the world.
About Us

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We offer you various shipping import and export services. We strive to meet your multiple needs

Import and Export

Import and Export

We provide sea container shipping
services to most countries
of the world.

Full or Partial Shipping

Full or Partial Shipping

Suitable for all shipments of all sizes
and weights, 
with safe packaging
for your shipments

Why would you choose us?

Why is the Nile Company by its speed and leadership in shipping from Palestine to all countries of the world?

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Nile Company provides shipping services to all parts of the world at affordable prices.


Express Shipping Services

We offer all express shipping services allowing you to receive your shipment at the required time.


Safe Packaging

Using high quality packaging to ensure that you receive the shipment without any damage.

Our Partners

We provide you with all import and export services and total and partial shipping to reach you wherever you are through our partners with success



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